J. A. Hosier performs with a Loudo Bibsi outfitted with a vibrato tailpiece and Loudo’s house-built big-voiced L-90 soap-bars — it glows in a vibrant mint green colorway.
Based in New York City, Hosier lays in intricate melodies to accompany the complex rhythms of Aba Diop’s Senaegalese drum-driven Afro-pop fusion.

Gloss, a Philadelphia-based pop fusion band formed in 2019, comprises the dynamic talents of Isabella Amada (bass), Corinne Kite-Dean (guitar), Mollie Schechter (drums), and Sophia Grosshauser (vocals/keys/aux percussion). Emerging from a desire to address the gender gap in music at the University of the Arts, Mollie and Sophia initiated the formation in 2019. Drawing influences from jazz, synth-pop, funk, Latin, and more, Gloss’s sound defies easy categorization.

Zach LoPresti is a local legend: his fingers climb effortlessly up and down the neck of any Loudo guitar, delivering wild riffs and bends between every chord you’ve never heard. Known most for his melodic magic with Out of the Beardspace, he’ll also be performing with Space Race at Beardfest this year.

Zach’s Guitars: Figured-Top Loudo Khyber, Green-Gradient Quilt-Top GRT, Furious Red Vibrobyrd (…you’ll see it at Beardfest!)

Jeremy’s skillful guitar playing is eclipsed only by his incredible achievements in Out of the Beardspace (and now Cherreh Strawberry) and with being one of the big-brains behind Beardfest’s annual organization, growth, and development. Most importantly, he’s a lefty, so his guitar faces the other way on stage, which looks really cool and adds some visual interest in a world of things that are otherwise just “righty-tighty.”
You can’t miss Jeremy’s “Barncaster” raised-grain barnwood GRT, but don’t be surprised to see him playing the newest Loudo model!

Matt O’Neil does everything a bass player needs to do right…and also better. Performing with Out of the Beardspace, he delivers thumping, full throttle bass grooves to keep the crowd moving.
Matt gladly rocks the Loudo El Bajo bass guitar.

Johnathan Coleman (aka Friendship Wizard) is a literal wizard of not just friendship, but also of electric stringed instruments — producing the most insane sounds you’ll ever hear come out of a formerly inanimate object. His towering technical proficiency and musicality are topped only by his knowledge of…”magic”…err guitar effects pedal technology — a science which many guitarists claim to understand, but few will ever even begin to grasp. You may as well just call him “The Wizard.”

Nik Greeley is the Jason Kelce of the Philly music scene. He’s known for being arguably the best frontman & performer in Philadelphia, and just in the last few years has established himself as one of the most entertaining & hard working musicians in the area, often being compared to the likes of James Brown, Joe Cocker, and Jim Morrison.
Greeley has had the pleasure of opening for respected artists such as George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Gene Ween (Ween) Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Shuggie Otis, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads) Fishbone, Moon Hooch, Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Rusted Root and many more.

We don’t often talk about the way guitars feel — but they’re all happy to see Zack Smith. Few guitarists have the performance experience or technical proficiency of this legendary finger-flinger. Zach has flown Loudo’s very first prototype Vibrobyrd through its paces, performing more consecutive shows than most humans can handle — which raises the question: is he?

Grace Dolores has been soulfully singing and performing acoustic sessions in the Greater Philadelphia area for years with Jackie Roberts (and other musical guests) in Jolly Jane. She’s been a huge part of the Beardfest community in both volunteer organization and stage leadership and you can expect to see her again this year! Be sure to say hello!

FUTURE LOUDO ARTIST: Christine Gallagher, MA, MT-BC, LMT, LPC “Christine Elise” is classically trained harpist, pianist, and vocalist as well as music therapist. Studying music therapy at a masters level led her to find a passion for community music therapy. Christine has facilitated group sessions and workshops for professionals and clients in the USA, South Africa, Peru and Jamaica.
Christine is incorporating bass and is aligned with Loudo’s latest and lowest-pitched instrument: El Bajo.

FUTURE LOUDO ARTIST: Keith Wadsworth of 5AM Trio is a mad-lad of pads, guitar, and bass. Loudo is currently working with him on a custom electronic/MIDI instrument solution that will also help to diversify the Loudo lineup of instruments for other musicians.

Emily Drinker is quite possibly the best-known and most highly-lauded singer-songwriters out of Philadelphia. Her incredible vocals lead magnificent musical accompaniment and powerful guitar arrangements. Recently, she’s opened for Pat Benatar, Rufus Wainwright, JD Souther, and Switchfoot.
Keep your eyes peeled for her sweet pastel pink GRT.

Any Philly music scene participant will tell you: Rachel Andie is amazing in every way. Her live performance delivers a level of artistic intimacy seldom seen or heard, which is easily matched by her natural musicianship and deep knowledge of songwriting dynamics.
Rachel often performs with the very first “Bibsi” model in Avocado Cream, which boasts pickups hand-wound by Pete’s mother.

Larry Monroe Jr. is not only one of the smoothest guitarists around, but also brings great energy with him everywhere he goes. Touring nationally with Snacktime, he’s certainly developed the chops of a tenured performer.
It’s hard to miss the wild blue-striped guard on Larry’s GRT!

Eric Sherman is a musical triple threat — a regular “Swiss Army Knife!” Don’t be surprised when he pulls out a trumpet or another wind instrument between guitar sets. This musician really brings a lot to Philly’s favorite horn-backed funk n soul band: SNACKTIME!
It’s hard to miss his “Barncaster” limited-run GRT.

It’s hard to see a show in Philly and not see Erik Kramer there performing on a bass guitar. He’s basically the best — and when a band needs a solid bassist to fill-in, he’s there. Erik elevates the community with his excellent musicianship and performance expertise; it seems any band is also a little tighter with him in it.

Leo Gomez is the president of customer satisfaction at Loudo Guitars and serves as the chief quality inspector for all shop operations. If he’s frowning at you, it’s because he’s not satisfied (and likely because he’s not receiving the royal attention he deserves).

Loudo is an official sponsor of BEARDFEST! Get more information about this year’s festival here!

(—Brando, Pete, Leo, Tor)